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Android and task killers: Don't

There's an awful lot of misconceptions regarding Android and multitasking out there. When you read help forums and the issue of performance tweaking comes up, a very popular answer is to use a task killer to close unwanted apps. Even venerable tech people like TWiT's Leo Laporte appears to have acquired this habit. I reckon that these people have no idea how Android actually works and/or are making erroneous assumptions pulled over from the world of traditional desktop computing. In the best case, nothing happens when you kill an application except you spend time manually doing something that would otherwise have been done for you automatically at a later time. Worst case, you crash an application or get up too late tomorrow because your alarm didn't go off. How Android does things At an architectural level, applications running on Android are actually not supposed to halt its process in the traditional sense as we are used to from most desktop operating systems. When yo