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SVN checkout without branches and tags

Subversion (SVN) is a decent step up from CVS, and Maven (MVN) likewise from Ant. However one thing continues to bug me about how the two work together. Since MVN requires a fixed directory layout of /trunk, /tags and /branches, it becomes more and more painful to checkout or update a complete corporate source tree from one of the lower roots. In the perfect world, every project may be checked in at the root of the tree, but we all know the world ain't perfect and it's not unusual to require checkout and build of up to a dozen SNAPSHOT dependencies spread around deeper in the hierarchy. There is no (to my knowledge) easy way around this, either you have to live with insanely long checkout times and the associated waste of disk space, or meticulously checkout each every project trunk individually. As unimpressed I am by the Java language itself, the hat must come off to the plethora of readily available libraries on this platform. One of these libraries is SVNKit , a complete cl