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Fixing a Toyota remote car key

So I recently purchased a used car. It's in pretty good condition, but the master key with it's remote lock/unlock functionality, had seen better days - in fact, it could only unlock, not lock. Apparently these keys can't just be cloned so the car dealers have to install an entirely new key system which will cost in excess of US$500. Not having anything to loose, I set out to try and fix the key instead. The key looked like it had been chewed on by a dog or something, and then attempted fixed by melting the plastic and adding some epoxy. I took it apart and located a small plastic container housing the electronics and battery. The lithium battery seemed in fine condition, considering it was some 8 years old. With a scalpel, I cut open the rubber membrane around the button to get to what was underneath. To my surprise, there was a little button loose in there - so it was pretty obvious why it did not work! Obviously I would not be