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Buildtype icon plugin - for Android

Android and Gradle So I'm now a full time Android developer (yay) and one of the things I've had to get used to, is the Gradle build system. I'm a fan of Maven and I still don't truly understand Google's choice to embrace an immature and complex system like Gradle, although admittedly the meta-programming model has some powerful features... but I digress. Having just completed a Gradle plugin at work to solve an in-house tooling problem, I decided to have a go at another tooling aspect I have run into. Buildtype icon plugin - for Android All too often, non-release builds of an application are provided with hideous looking launcher icons or none at all. For high profile products, calling a graphics designer to have an icon made is not that great a cost, but the majority of projects I see lack sorely in this aspect. While not a huge deal, it looks unprofessional and it also super annoying not being able to tell build types apart when testing various builds on the s