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Java 7 on Ubuntu 11.04

So after 5+ years, we finally have a new version of Java. In spite of mixed reviews , as a software engineer working a lot on the JVM, I still wanted to take it for a spin. However, being an Ubuntu user, this involves a tad bit of work since there are only RPM and binary packages available at this time. So until there are official or unofficial .deb packages available, we're going to have to sneak in the raw binaries outselves. The following is how I did this on my 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 system. I take no responsibility in breaking your existing Java installation yada yada, you do this at your own responsibility. Procedure Start by downloading the binary. casper@workstation:~$ wget Then unpack it. casper@workstation:~$ tar -xzf jdk-7-linux-x64.tar.gz Remove packed archive and move/rename the extracted folder into something a little more Ubuntu appropiate. casper@workstation:~$ sudo rm java-7-sun-1