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VirtualBox: Windows client seeing the Linux host filesystem as a real drive

VirtualBox remains my favorite virtualization solution; it's free, runs everywhere and just does its job real nice - let's hope Oracle doesn't screw this one up as well! Specifically VirtualBox helps me as a developer needing to work in .NET/C#, without having to leave the Linux platform entirely. Let's face it, once you tried the power, freedom and flexibility of a GNU Linux operating system, it is rather hard to go back to the constraints of a Windows box. VirtualBox shared folder VirtualBox has a nice feature, where it can expose a folder from the host operating system, as a network share to the client operating system. This has been an approach I have used in the past as well, in order to still have the powerful Linux command-line available along with common utilities like maven, subversion, diff etc. Remember for this to work, you will have to install the Guest Additions in the virtual image. However, when working on some .NET code using DirectoryCatalog wh