Keurig Platinum B70

Time to try to live more up to the name of this blog. As most developers, I have a passion for coffee and coke and consume it in quantities which are probably not on the healthy side. Anyway, when I saw the Keurig Platinum B70 coffee maker in action, I absolutely had to own one. Why? Take a look below.

Yup, it takes 45 sec. for it to brew a large cup (4 sizes to choose from) of fresh programmer oil, has a very gadgety blue light and is ready to serve its master 24/7. It probably isn't the most economical way to get your caffeine dose, but it does allow for a small filter so that you can use normal coffee beans rather than the convenient K-cups. Also, it came with samples of Van Houtte's Kenyan Kilimandjaro roast, so now I know why Stephen Colebourne named his OpenJDK sandbox Kijaro. ;)


Peter King said…
Yes, This is best coffee maker. Our old coffee maker stopped working last week, so we now have to buy a new one. I would like to get an ordinary drip machine, but my girlfriend would like to get Keurig B70. Do you think it is worth the money?

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