HTC Magic Android emulator skin

So I started playing with Android development, just received "Unlocking Android" and "Android Application Development" from Amazon. However before getting to do any real development, I got sidetracked in trying to create a skin for the Android Emulator that matches my new fancy HTC Magic. There actually exists one, but it's branded Vodafone, looks silvery and has the buttons all wrong so I decided this would be a good way to brush up on some Gimp skills. And here it is, I am no graphics artist so I am moderately pleased.

You may use images and skin as you please, under the creative commons license. You can download the skin by clicking here. To install, simply extract the files to {android_install_dir}/platforms/android-1.5/skins/HTCMagic/.

If you can not select the skin in Eclipse, you may have to edit the config.ini file of your virtual android device setting manually (under ~/.android/avd/), simply set the skin.path property to point to HTCMagic. You can also run the emulator manually by executing {android_install_dir}/tools/emulator and pass along the command line argument "-skin HTCMagic".

NOTE: I am aware that pressing the search button in the emulator has no effect. This appears to be because it is not implemented for the emulator at this time, since no other skin appears to have a working search button. I even read through the C and Python source code to see if I could find the proper key name, but with no success. Also note, the screen shown within the emulator in the above image, is not of the generic Android 1.5 (Cupcake) but rather a static image of HTC's Rosie/Sense UI which I find more sexy (can phone software look sexy?).


applejay said…
That does look sexy. How did you get the HTC Rosie/Sense UI on the emulator?
Casper Bang said…
Ah perhaps should make that more clear, but the emulator itself overlays my image with the Android 1.5 UI. So you won't actually see Rosie/Sense when running the emulator. I just thought Rosie/Sense looked better on the static image.

You beg an interesting question though. Since the emulator must be assumed to run a ROM much like on a real device, it should be possible to tweak/replace it in the emulator. I might be looking into that once the guys over at xda-developers have successfully ported Rosie/Sense from the Hero to the Magic. After all, all the source code for the emulator is available.
applejay said…
Ah, you've deceived me. I was thinking you had somehow beat the xda-dev guys to the punch and implemented the rosie/sense on the emulator. Kudos on the static image, drooling I was...

If they can port the ROM on the HTC Dream, I'm sure they can do it on the emulator.
Mattias said…
Nice skin. Thank you.

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