AVR ATtiny presentation with examples

Where I work, we hold bi-monthy gatherings where we present and/or debate technologies and tools. As a closet electronics engineer, I thought it could be interesting to drag my components to the office and let me colleagues, have some fun with writing programs targeted for 64 bytes of RAM - quite an anticlimax to our 8GB RAM workstations and 128GB RAM servers!

I put together a Back to Basics presentation about the popular Atmel ATtiny/ATmega microcontrollers, and put the accompanying code up on Github. These are the same family of chips being used by the popular Arduino stack, but I prefer to play with the bare metal using the GCC compiler, there's just something cool about seeing your C program being able to run 10 years on a couple of AA batteries due to the extreme effeciency! While nothing spectacular about it, protocol dictates that I mention this to be released under the Creative Commons license.


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